housing, The Continental Club, and the meaning of life.

Most Realtors wouldn’t touch this subject with a ten-foot pole; the challenge locals are coping with in a growing city which include rising property taxes, traffic issues, the cost of living and the sensation we’re feeling that we’re living in an alternate reality, working ever harder just to stay here. A conversation late last night with my bro-in-law James sparked broaching a topic The Austin Business Journal interviewed me about recently. James wanted to know how I felt as a real estate agent, in no small way contributing to the situation.

I write this at some new fangled fancy chain cafe on South Congress looking around at tourists from ‘round the globe visiting a scene that could just as well be Seattle, Portlandia, Berkley or Brooklyn. Is Austin still weird, or, is it just getting weirder everywhere? I’m going with the latter. It’s a love hate thing. It comes down to this: would I rather go back to 1989 when I moved here and there were nothing but hookers & a porno theater on South Congress (oh yes, and the Continental Club)? I’ll take this bustling, lively city on the rise, where the Continental Club still stands proud, any day. Yes, the way I make a living is part of the change machine, but the only thing we can always depend on in this life is … change.