Best avante garde ensemble award

My ensemble, A is Red, perform at The Townsend, an elegant club with a first class listening room on Wednesday January 27th at 8pm. It’s the perfect place for an otherworldly musical experience. Join us! Naga Valli-vocal conjurer, Sarah Brown-Bass enchantress, Stefano Intelisano-keyboard hypnotist, Chris Downey-guitar wizard, Kevin Flatt-Trumpet sorcerer & yours truly—drum hitting bandleader & composer. 

BEST AVANT GARDE BAND-2014 Austin Music Awards
TOP 10 BANDS-2012 and 2010 Austin Music Awards
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On a personal note, Kate and I are excited about visiting our son Adam this week! He is serving in the Navy as Master at Arms at Pearl Harbor. We are grateful that he is doing what he wants, working harder than he ever and loving it … what else could parents want? And what a place to be stationed, Hawaii!