Stylin' New Site & Rock The Foundation

The curtains are open on my stylin’ new site, AustinMusicRealty. This is not your average real estate website (well, judge for yourselves)! Designed by resident Creative Genius Kate Longacre Harvey along with Stanberry Marketing team’s Mike Heaviland, it tells about each of our agents, features ‘digs’ (listings) & ‘gigs,’ ‘buzz’ (places to go/things to do), a blog about everything from high-rises to the meaning of life, as well as truly useful info for anyone interested in buying or selling a home in & around Austin. It has a direct link to the SIMS Foundation, which I founded in 1995. 

Which brings us to our next BIG THING: Austin Music Realty presents "ROCK the FOUNDATION!” benefiting the SIMS Foundation. It features Austin Music Realty’s PATRICIA VONNE plus me & my ensemble A is RED.  Patricia Vonne’s band features Rick Del Castillo, Robert LaRoche, Scott Garber, and Hector Munoz. A is RED is Don Harvey, Naga Valli, Sarah Brown, Stefano Intelisano, Chris Downey and Kevin Flatt. ROCK the FOUNDATION is sponsored by Stanberry & Associates Realtors and Independence Title co. An evening of great music for a great cause. Doors open at 6pm, June 3rd at One-2-One Bar. Please come on down & support SIMS! Please read all about SIMS here: