Four Days Off

It is a really good thing to take a few days off from everything. From work stress, even playing music. A little time off can go a long way. Quiet is good. Clear air too. And big sky vistas. A few months ago my cousin & life-long buddy Adam Hart called me from New York to see if I might want to go on a hiking trip.  “Yeah, that sounds great, where do you want to go?" Took a while but we landed on Taos New Mexico. At first we discussed backpacking & camping. Well, hmmm, a shower & a bed sure would be nice. So where do we end up? Ojo Caliente, a beautiful mineral spring in the high desert of northern New Mexico that first opened in 1868. We hiked all day, soaked our bones at night, bull-shitted, reminisced, laughed & laughed some more. We hiked from around 7000 up to 8300 feet on La Vista Verde Trail. Climbing Mt Everest it wasn’t, but it was exhilarating. Another memorable hike was at Ghost Ranch where Georgia O’Keefe lived and painted. The Chimney Rock trail turned out to be a meditation of sorts. We traversed deep multicolored canyons with distant views of plains & grassland streams. The light reflected off rocks containing 130 million years of geological history. What intrigued me most was what I saw in the shapes, colors & shadows falling on the cliffs. The way we see constellations in the night sky, I saw eagles, faces and guardians in the rocks. I felt energy that may have inspired Native Americans to dance and Georgia O’Keefe to paint. That was a damn good four days off.