I fell in love with Austin, Texas Back in 1986, and Barton Springs sealed the deal.  I was on Charlie Sexton’s “Pictures for Pleasure” tour, here for a show at The Austin Opera House, a hometown gig for Charlie & tour manager Wayne Nagel. We had a few days off and Wayne was kind enough to show me around. One of the places we visited was Barton Springs. It struck me as a magical place and along with friendly people, a cool music scene & exceptionally beautiful women I was smitten. A move here was definitely in the cards.

Three years later in ‘89 I was here for good. Wayne & I were working on opening ‘the ARC,’ the Austin Rehearsal Complex, a 10 studio 22 storage locker pre-production facility that became a club house for Austin musicians. Anyway, our goal was to get The ARC open in time for SXSW 1990. It was an exciting, hard driving period and I took time off daily to cool down at the Springs. The heat was intense and the cold emerald spring water woke me up in more ways than one.

I don’t want to get overly melodramatic, but here I go; the place touched my soul. I’d found my home. Other than the terrific basket system they used to have for clothes & valuables, it’s just the same now. A timeless zone. Nothing’s perfect. There are long lines, it’s tough to park and you gotta fight traffic. The first few minutes in the water are a shock no matter how many times you get in. But on the 100° days, like just about every day this time of year, there’s nothing like diving into 68° emerald spring water. I’m thankful to be alive and at home in Austin, Texas.