On Turning 60

Bring it on. That’s my new mantra. A new chapter’s here. My Chapter Six on this strange, challenging, wonderful trip. Ronnie Lane called it “a short movie.” It is short but I think it’s equally long. My chapters were ... Growing up, Hitting the Road (more growing up), Moving About the Globe (more growing), Finding Austin (still growing), Marrying Kate (yes!) and Raising Our Boys (whoa!). Adam’s in the Navy, Ian’s in College, our nest is empty and our hearts are full. I’m one lucky mo-fo. I landed two great gigs, each a privilege; connecting people to their homes and laying down a groove they can dance to. To quote Steve Martin from ‘The Jerk,’ I’ve found my special purpose(s)!

Drumming’s something I’ve done pretty much as long as I can remember, so 13 years back while cranking up the real estate biz, I had a hard time shaking the feeing I’d strayed from the path. I’ve learned better (still growing). Negotiating contracts, watching out for client’s interests, advising and analyzing are integral parts of my job as an agent, but my central role comes down to helping people navigate some of life’s big transitions, which, it appears, is what I’m in the midst of myself.