The Magic Wedge

In the midst of all the political turmoil going down how about a fluffy little piece about PF Flyers?  PF what? Back when I was a little kid there were two things I wanted real bad. One was a telescope from Edmund Catalog, which I eventually got and the other an ever-elusive pair of sneakers with a “Magic Wedge” that could make you run faster and jump higher. The shoes came with a “Secret Decoder Ring” so I had to have them. I’m betting they were twice the price of Thom McAn’s house brand and more than Keds too. Keds weren’t cool. I must have driven my mom crazy. I don’t remember how it came up but I was telling Kate about this the other day.  I explained that when I was seven I absolutely had to have them. Before I could finish telling her about it, she found the TV ad that successfully brainwashed me into believing that an ordinary arch support was a mystical magical wedge. A wedge? Really? Check-out the early 1960's brainwashing technique successfully employed to convince me that I would run faster and jump higher in my ever-elusive PF Flyers. see: