Stylin' New Site & Rock The Foundation

The curtains are open on my stylin’ new site, AustinMusicRealty. This is not your average real estate website (well, judge for yourselves)! Designed by resident Creative Genius Kate Longacre Harvey along with Stanberry Marketing team’s Mike Heaviland, it tells about each of our agents, features ‘digs’ (listings) & ‘gigs,’ ‘buzz’ (places to go/things to do), a blog about everything from high-rises to the meaning of life, as well as truly useful info for anyone interested in buying or selling a home in & around Austin. It has a direct link to the SIMS Foundation, which I founded in 1995. 

Which brings us to our next BIG THING: Austin Music Realty presents "ROCK the FOUNDATION!” benefiting the SIMS Foundation. It features Austin Music Realty’s PATRICIA VONNE plus me & my ensemble A is RED.  Patricia Vonne’s band features Rick Del Castillo, Robert LaRoche, Scott Garber, and Hector Munoz. A is RED is Don Harvey, Naga Valli, Sarah Brown, Stefano Intelisano, Chris Downey and Kevin Flatt. ROCK the FOUNDATION is sponsored by Stanberry & Associates Realtors and Independence Title co. An evening of great music for a great cause. Doors open at 6pm, June 3rd at One-2-One Bar. Please come on down & support SIMS! Please read all about SIMS here:



housing, The Continental Club, and the meaning of life.

Most Realtors wouldn’t touch this subject with a ten-foot pole; the challenge locals are coping with in a growing city which include rising property taxes, traffic issues, the cost of living and the sensation we’re feeling that we’re living in an alternate reality, working ever harder just to stay here. A conversation late last night with my bro-in-law James sparked broaching a topic The Austin Business Journal interviewed me about recently. James wanted to know how I felt as a real estate agent, in no small way contributing to the situation.

I write this at some new fangled fancy chain cafe on South Congress looking around at tourists from ‘round the globe visiting a scene that could just as well be Seattle, Portlandia, Berkley or Brooklyn. Is Austin still weird, or, is it just getting weirder everywhere? I’m going with the latter. It’s a love hate thing. It comes down to this: would I rather go back to 1989 when I moved here and there were nothing but hookers & a porno theater on South Congress (oh yes, and the Continental Club)? I’ll take this bustling, lively city on the rise, where the Continental Club still stands proud, any day. Yes, the way I make a living is part of the change machine, but the only thing we can always depend on in this life is … change. 


As I write this, I’m listening to Frank Zappa’s “Overnight Sensation,” a record I’ve not heard since high school. Something came over me when I looked into a box of records I’d saved for 40 years. Flooded with memories, I knew I had to have a record player. So on Valentines Day, Kate, love of my life (and my “ secret weapon” real estate assistant), gives me an awesome Teac turntable. Now what? I’m assembling a collection of records from my youth. I call the playlist “66 Denton Avenue,” for the house I was raised in. Buffalo Springfield, Cream, Traffic, Procol Harum, Bowie, the Stones, The Who, Mahavishnu Orchestra & on & on. I was listening to some great shit back then. There are so many phases & stages listening to & making music over the years, so it is incredible hearing records from 40 years ago with my current ear for music--as well as the fresh ears of a kid. It even inspired me to reconnect with high school pal Robert Carroll--the music and adventures we shared all blend together now. What a blast. Might just inspire me to make a new record.

Digs & Gigs

What a great couple weeks for music and real estate.

Digs … I’m working exciting new listings from Bouldin Creek to Hyde Park to South and Southwest Austin--helping clients price properties competitively, market aggressively and negotiate judiciously. 

Gigs … my ensemble, A iS RED played The Townsend downtown last week to a capacity crowd. It’s an exceptional listening room with an elegant bar and a fine & welcoming proprietor--who happens to be a real estate client.

Upcoming shows: The One-2-One Bar on Wednesday the Feb 17 (with my fave jazz trio, Black Red Black), The Austin Instrumental Music Festival (AIM Fest) on Saturday Feb 27, then we’re back to One-2-One on Friday June 3rd with my rock ‘n roll & Austin Music Realty pal Patricia Vonne!
I am thankful for the work and the music!

Best avante garde ensemble award

My ensemble, A is Red, perform at The Townsend, an elegant club with a first class listening room on Wednesday January 27th at 8pm. It’s the perfect place for an otherworldly musical experience. Join us! Naga Valli-vocal conjurer, Sarah Brown-Bass enchantress, Stefano Intelisano-keyboard hypnotist, Chris Downey-guitar wizard, Kevin Flatt-Trumpet sorcerer & yours truly—drum hitting bandleader & composer. 

BEST AVANT GARDE BAND-2014 Austin Music Awards
TOP 10 BANDS-2012 and 2010 Austin Music Awards
Venue link: 
Event link: 

On a personal note, Kate and I are excited about visiting our son Adam this week! He is serving in the Navy as Master at Arms at Pearl Harbor. We are grateful that he is doing what he wants, working harder than he ever and loving it … what else could parents want? And what a place to be stationed, Hawaii!