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The newest member of the Austin Music Realty group, Johnny McGowan, brings his southern charm and stalwart enthusiasm to an already stellar team. With a background of twenty-seven years in the music business, twenty years a “Master Instructor”, and ten years owning a remodeling business, Johnny has the tools, skills, and determination to assist you in achieving the results you desire.

His goals are to give the best service and guidance to his clients, operating from a stance of caring and compassion, with a positive attitude and focus benefiting all. “Discovering Don Harvey through his Austin Music Realty website,“ he reflects, “I was immediately inspired and knew at once, AMR was the ideal place for me.” 

Having twelve albums to his credit, recording with heavyweights Paul Shaffer and Will Lee of The Letterman Show and Lenny Picket the bandleader of SNL Orchestra and Tower of Power fame, Johnny knows how to handle high-stakes pressure. He has opened for musical giants Bo Diddley, Wilson Picket, The Blaster, Buddy Guy, Dick Dale, Rev Horton Heat, The Alabama Shakes and was band director for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame artist Wanda Jackson.

With a welcoming smile and hearty laugh, Johnny McGowan rolls up his sleeves, getting to work helping others traverse the twists and turns of residential real estate transactions.


Johnny is energetic, considerate and personable, able to connect with people from many different backgrounds. -Ulf Nilsson - Associate Dean, Laney Graduate School Emory University

I know Mr. McGowan to be an excellent and patient teacher, a man with an incredible work ethic, a man with a strong sense of values, plus a kind and caring human being. -Sherry McHenry Ph.D of Psychology

As we became friends, I also became aware of his intrinsic honesty and sense of justice. If he felt something wasn't right, he wanted to address it. If it was a question of truth, he never shied from it. 

I believe Johnny McGowan would be an asset to any company or organization that values honesty and a strong work ethic. -Matt Rosenberger - Medical Computer Programming

While I could expound on Mr. McGowan's many exemplary personal traits, I think his honor and reliability are the most relevant with respect to his career as a real estate agent. Mr. McGowan is one of the most honorable men I have had the pleasure of knowing. -Sheridan C. Lewis IV - Aeronautics Engineer Delta Ops

Mr. McGowan has strong moral character, is honest and has great integrity. He is a hard and dedicated worker, and displays love for his family and empathy for his fellow human beings. -Rebecca A. Hall, Assistant General Counsel at State Bar of Georgia

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